Maybe I Should Have Gone With (Rose)Mary Ann

From the There’s Always Dominos Files:

Another kitchen in another apartment some years after the Black Pepper Cranberry incident I found it was my night to cook. There always seems that one night in a two week period where you have to look at a fridge clean out and find that perhaps your only viable pantry staples are a can of tuna and a box of Kraft Dinner.

Which is where we found ourselves this one weeknight after work. We had some fresh garlic, fresh ginger, a can of peas and carrots, some frozen corn, a box of Kraft Dinner and a can of tuna. My husband mentions that some tuna casserole would be a good way to go and leaves me to it.

So I boil my pasta, combine with a can of cream of mushroom soup and tuna and stir in my veggies. To try and kick it up a notch I figure I’m going to add some minced garlic and fresh chopped ginger.

Now this is where I confess that I knew absolutely nothing about working with fresh ginger. I didn’t realize that:

1) A little goes a long way.

2) It is a good idea to fry it a bit before using it in a dish. It helps to soften the flavour. It might have been a good idea to fry the ginger up with my cracker topping.

3) One should grate the ginger…not chop it roughly.

You can see where this is going….

However, unlike my cranberry meat of doom this dish gave no warning of the horror that was laying in wait. The aroma of the cooking casserole was pleasant and even made you think that this was going to be completely awesome.

The first bite was telling as my husband tried to swallow the mouthful of food.

He failed but damn did he try.

The ginger was so overwhelming that you couldn’t taste anything else. What I thought would be a pleasant spicy note turned out to be the undoing of the dish. My husband started asking me questions about how I used the ginger in the dish and this would be where he pointed out the above 3 points. He didn’t realize that I didn’t know what I was doing and I was so in-experienced that I didn’t even know I was in-experienced.

I would remiss if I didn’t mention that the experience was so life changing that my husband only recently found himself able to not only eat but enjoy the flavour of ginger. Which is handy since we both enjoy having sushi and ginger is a keep piece of that whole experience.


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