VIP Date Night

As we were home with the kids on Valentine’s Day Kevin and I decided that we would have a make up date on Friday the 15th.

Our date night plan was to enjoy the Cineplex VIP experience and have dinner at the theatre. This isn’t the first time we’ve gone to the theare as we saw Skyfall there in November but we didn’t take advantage of the Meal Service At Your Seat option and decided this time we would do the full experience.

The lounge you enter when you proceed into the VIP section of the theatre is very nice. Dimly lit, with a fire place and close tables it is like entering a nice sit down restaurant. They even had the Jets game on a big screen for folks to watch as they waited for their movie to be seated.

Upon entering we found a pair of comfortable chairs and settled in to skim the menu. We started off with drinks and we both selected the one of the Special Drinks for the month.

I liked my drink so much I snapped a picture of the contents so I can try to re-produce this at home.

I liked my drink so much I snapped a picture of the contents so I can try to re-produce it at home.

Kevin went with a Head Over Heels and I selected Stupid Cupid. I’m a raspberry fan but I have to confess that I was a bit leery about the Raspberry Vodka/Bailey’s combination. Turns out it is indeed very very good. I enjoyed the martini so much that I am determined to figure out the right ratios to re-create this drink at home. Kevin commented that he was also very happy with his drink. He’s not a big Peach Schnapps drinker but the combination worked again with the other ingredients in the drink.

So kudos to the mixologists that Cineplex employs to create their featured beverages.

A benefit of the VIP experience is that you get to reserve your seats almost like going to a concert so if you wish to linger until the lights dim your seats will be there waiting for you.

A benefit of eating in the lounge area of the VIP theaters is that if you aren’t finished your meal with the lights dim you are more than welcome to take it in with you. With a variety of easy to transport bites on the menu this is an attractive option for your dinner and movie date nights.

One of the downsides I found to the evening was that we wanted to experience the whole have your meal brought to your seat so we chose to skip ordering in the lounge for ordering in our seats closer to show time. The difference is that the menu at your seats in the theatre has a limited selection of items. I had been eying a Buffalo Chicken Sandwich in the menu in the lounge and was sad to find that it wasn’t offered at my seat. In future I think I will order in the lounge  and then take it into the theatre to ensure that I get what items catch my attention.

Mac and Cheese Bites

Mac and Cheese Bites

We started with the Mac and Cheese Bites and while not terrible I wasn’t as blown away as I was with the deep fried dill pickles I had when we went to see Skyfall. I usually don’t eat my mac and cheese with ketchup but tried dipping my breaded bites in the ketchup they were served with and while it wasn’t horrible it didn’t wow me. Next time I think we will either go back to the deep fried pickle or try the calamari which was getting really good reviews from the couple sitting next to us.

Chicken Fingers with Sweet Potato Fries.

Chicken Fingers with Sweet Potato Fries.

Still craving something with zing I went with the Chicken Fingers with Thai Chili Dipping Sauce paired with Sweet Potato Fries. I really enjoyed my selections immensely. The chicken fingers were perfectly cooked with a nice crispy coating and I enjoyed the Thai sauce. The sweet potato fries were good as well and paired nicely with the dip recommended by our server. I did still wish however, that I could have enjoyed something like a buffalo chicken wrap.

Kevin's Angus Burger

Kevin’s Angus Burger

Kevin went with the Angus burger which you can see came fully loaded and Sweet Potato Fries as well. He was happy with his selection. I took a bite of his burger and it was very good. It had that grilled taste that makes you long for a warm Spring night with grilling and cold beer.

Overall I enjoyed my “full experience” at the VIP theatre. The food is delicious, even if the at seat selection is limited it isn’t something that can’t be dealt with by choosing to eat in the lounge and carrying the food into the theatre. The seats are roomy and comfortable to sit in with a nice side table that you can put your meal and drink on. One feature I really loved was that we could put the centre arm rest up and be snuggled together almost as if you are a couple on a love seat.

Given the upcoming lists of block buster movies coming in the next few months I’m sure we will be back.


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