Wild Wing Winnipeg

A last minute decision, and a bit of luck,  found us at the Grand Opening of Wild Wing Winnipeg on Regent this evening.

This was a family affair for us and it was overall a very pleasant experience. There was some chaos and delays but I would be quick to write that off as opening night blips instead an indication of how their service is going to be.

The selection is as advertised. It took a fair amount of time to figure out what we wanted to get to share. We went with selections in the mid to hot range. Two of our kids went with Mac and Cheese Bites and our third went with the kids wings meal in Dill Pickle flavour.

On the left - Catch Me If You Can. On the right - Hot Chocolate

On the left – Catch Me If You Can. On the right – Hot Chocolate

In this case we decided to get a few items and eat a little from each with leftovers to be split for lunch. We also went with boneless bites instead of a traditional wing.

The Catch Me If You Can – This was the hottest wing we selected this evening and comes in at 5 flames. It is touted as a Maple + Extra Hot combination and they do have some great zing. One thing I loved about them is that it wasn’t so spicy that the Maple hints were lost. Even my 9 year old enjoyed sampling these.

Hot Chocolate – Rated at 4 flames this combination of Hot + Chocolate was really good. The chocolate was a nice change between bites of the other food we ordered.

Jamaican Me Crazy

Jamaican Me Crazy

Jamaican Me Crazy – The mildest selection of the evening didn’t even have a flame rating. This combination of Pineapple + Caribbean Jerk was my favourite flavour wise.

Deep Fried Pickle Spears

Deep Fried Pickle Spears

I’m a deep fried pickle junkie. I love them and when I see them I generally want to order them. These were nicely done. The pickle was still crisp and the breading wasn’t too thick. Some of the best pickles I’ve had yet.



We had originally wanted to get The Good, The Bad and The Ugly poutine but that wasn’t available this evening so we got the regular poutine to share. I liked the cheese curds which were a good size and the fries were crispy.

I spent my time nibbling here and there to try a little bit of everything. I wasn’t disappointed by anything we decided to try.

Kids Meal - Mac and Cheese Bites

Kids Meal – Mac and Cheese Bites

My younger two kiddos inhaled their Mac and Cheese Bites. There wasn’t a crumb left and my two younger kiddos are often pickier eaters that always have lunch the next day. Must have been good and obviously I should be thinking outside the box every so often at home.

My eldest ate some of our food and some of his own meal. The portion sizes were ideal for sharing and there will be lunch tomorrow. He enjoyed his food very much but declared next time we go that he will be wanting his wings to be Hot Chocolate.

A hit with our family this evening and we look forward to going back.


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