Sorry Aunt Jemima

A quick hit from my kitchen this morning.

I’ve been trying to convince my kids that sometimes fresh fruit, pure fruit spread or peanut butter make fine substitutes as toppings on waffles and pancakes instead of syrup  and I’ve been successful so far in not buying syrup for about a month or so now.

This morning however came a big  challenge….French Toast.

Pancakes and waffles are easy to tuck some sweet hits into with either fresh fruit or pureed on top but for some reason French Toast invokes the idea of stacks of thick bread dripping with syrup and powdered sugar.

Of course that could be what I see when I think of it. Making food changes has been a bit of a challenge in my life recently.

My youngest son and daughter both wanted to have French Toast and I rejected the suggestion from my 7 year old daughter to give them corn syrup as a substitute for Aunt Jemima’s warm smiling face…after all I’m trying to get some good eating habits in them as well as a sense of experimentation with their food.

So into my pantry I go and come out with a jar of a friend’s homemade apple sauce with cinnamon. Into my custard of 4 eggs and a tablespoon of heavy cream I put two tablespoons of this apple sauce. Whisk it together, dunk my whole wheat bread slices in the custard, cook it on my pancake pan and serve it up to some of my harshest critics…

There wasn’t a bite left after 5 minutes and while neither commented on the lack of syrup but kept delighting in the hints of apple.

Sorry Aunt Jemima but there seems to be a new sweetener in town…and it’s called pureed fruit.

Gotta say I’m very much looking forward to this coming berry season just so I can play with the flavours that can be incorporated as I loved this twist on a family favourite.


One thought on “Sorry Aunt Jemima

  1. I have to admit, I’m a slave to the corn syrup – Roger’s Golden Syrup to be exact on my French Toast. 41 years and counting. But your alternative sounds yummy and I’ll have to give it a try though we rarely have bread in the house anymore. BTW I think I have a blog post for my own French Toast experience on my blog too! 😉 TTYS

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