I Was Wrong About This One…

I’ve been handling the lion’s share of the cooking over the last little bit as my family has been under the weather in one form or another.

I’ve been keeping track of processes and recipes and will be sharing them in the coming days.

However, today I wanted to change things up a bit and talk about my husband’s 40th birthday present and my favourite new culinary item this year.

For his 40th Birthday Kevin requested a pellet grill  made by the good folks at Traeger Grills. These top of the line smokers/wood grills are a fair penny in price but like most quality culinary items are a value for how much you can do with it.

I will admit to being concerned that the investment would hold any returns but I agreed that for his 40th Birthday we’d get one for him to enjoy.

Smoking has become Kevin’s recent passion over the last year. He’s done reading and research on smoking for the last year now determined to put smoke rings on his food, making sure that it falls off the bone, which wood to use with which meat.

If smoking meat has a sommelier equivalent that knows which wood to pair with which protein to go in the smoke he’s well on his way there.

So this last weekend the house was on the mend and Kevin decided it was time to take the bad boy Lil’ Tex Elite onto our deck and fired it up for some ribs.

One real advantage of this pellet grill is that you can set it and forget it. You don’t have to sit and watch it as closely as you would with other smokers. I can well recall spending a majority of day last August checking our former smoker every half an hour and adjusting the temperature accordingly to help our pulled pork along

Another advantage is that Kevin will not longer have to get up at 2 am to make an amazing pulled pork for our guests.

The ribs only needed 6 hours and the smoke ring was visible and a triumph for my resident cook. My rack was fall off the bone amazing and the crust was so juicy and thick that absolutely no sauce was required.

Just when you’ve seen it all…This machine also bakes.

After the ribs came the smoked carrot cake. Smoked with Apple wood this amazing cake is one of the most moist cakes I have ever eaten. The smoke is subtle in the flavour of the dessert but definitely adds to both the ingredients as well as the overall colour of the dish. The suggested cream cheese icing to pair with it is a perfect compliment.

Today the Traeger cooked our burgers and apple wood bacon to go with them.

With each bite I’ve had to eat my words. I’m starting to love this grill…even thought that we could go ahead and sell our propane grill.

Next challenge…apparently you can make chocolate chip cookies in this thing.